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Check-ins Reinvented
Create a new community
Join or manage your communities
Stay up-to-date with learners
Teachers send prompts
On an ad-hoc or recurring schedule. From the office or from the couch.
Learners respond and reflect
With video, images and docs -- using the same skills honed on social media.
The simple, made powerful
Link responses to create stories of growth
The journey is as important as the destination.
Focus learning with cogs
Bring your own, or borrow from our library.
Build community through visible learning
Learners inspire each other and offer valuable feedback.
images jigsawed from the amazing xkcd
"Unrulr brought a sense of community and connection to the process, and it inspired everyone to do their best. The quality of work that we have seen from this group far exceeds any other cohort that we have worked with, and Unrulr had a big hand in that."
Kas Perreira
Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College
Create a new community
Why Unrulr?
Some of our student users answered that themselves.