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How Unrulr Works
Prompts in Unrulr
Prompt your learners
Use prompts to check in with learners, inspire reflection, or give assignments, on an ad-hoc or recurring schedule. From the office or from the couch.
Learners capture key Moments
Learners capture, tag, and share evidence of learning.

Moments are visual— by using video, images and docs, learners practice the same skills honed on social media.
Unrulr Feed
The simple, made powerful
COGS in Unrulr
Focus learning
with COGS
COGS work like hashtags, connecting posts to learning objectives and transforming them into evidence of learning.

Bring your own, or borrow from our library!

Learn more about COGS.
Link responses to create Journeys
Moments can be strung together to create journeys - longitudinal stories of growth that show a learner’s process and outcomes.
Journeys in Unrulr
Post engagement in Unrulr
Build community through visible learning
Learners inspire each other and offer valuable feedback through comments and COGS assessments.
Living Portfolios
Moments and Journeys can be set to public and shared, turning learners’ Unrulr accounts into living digital portfolios.
Publish to the web in Unrulr
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Why Unrulr?
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