A Little About Us

Trust, curiosity, and kindness are the core values that resonate with us at work and resonate with us in our personal lives. Maybe they resonate with us at work because they resonate with us in our personal lives? We’re not sure! Either way, they are the keys to why we do what we do at Unrulr.

Trust is not just about our relationships with our schools, teachers, students, and each other. Trust is the core of our mission. The current education ecosystem relies heavily on certificates and reputations.  Report cards and transcripts give the broadest overview of a learner, and much faith is placed in the history of the organizations handing out those pieces of paper.  A lot of those organizations have lengthy histories and well-deserved reputations!

But trust is built through transparency. What evidence is included with a certificate or an A on a report card?  When learners start regularly documenting their growth, whether through scheduled check-ins, or unscheduled aHA! moments, that creates a beautiful, documented trail of evidence: evidence of a learner’s skills, evidence of a teacher’s effectiveness, evidence of a curriculum’s impact, evidence of a school’s mission.  That is verifiable trust.

Curiosity drives us to explore, learn and grow. It helps us question the way things are done, both by others and ourselves. And, importantly, it keeps us humble by repeatedly reminding us how much we don’t know.

Kindness might seem strange in the context of a startup. It certainly doesn't mesh with the mantra that "nice guys finish last." But, to us, kindness doesn’t always mean niceness. Kindness also means not avoiding difficult conversations. And it can mean accepting different perspectives. Kindness means confronting tough decisions, while also retaining an empathy that too often gets lost in the business world.

The Team