Hi, we're unrulr 👋🏼

We're an education technology company based in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii 🌴

Our mission is to make education human-centered and joyous.

Thanks for stopping by— if you need anything, don't hesitate to reach out.

Core Values

Be open and honest, by default.

Through transparency and evidence, we build trust. We own who we are, and bring our full selves to the work. We accept others as their whole selves, and celebrate the differences.

Move fast, but don’t break things.

We do things differently in order to push beyond the status-quo, but not for the sake of disruption. Everything we do optimizes for social good, rather than profit alone. We believe you have to do good to do well.

Follow your curiosity. 

Curiosity is central to the human condition and we believe that everyone can be a lifelong learner. By leaning into our curiosity, we find joy in the process of gaining new knowledge and skills. We are dynamic and follow our curiosity, growing in ways that might surprise us. 

Find joy in learning.

We believe that when learning occurs in communities rooted in human connection and relationships, it is shared, celebrated, and impactful.

Be hands-off, but ready to lend a hand.

We believe that an environment of agency and autonomy fosters productivity and creativity. We trust each other to do the work, and to do it with excellence. We are always ready to lend a helping hand when it is needed.

Create a best-in-class experience.

We prioritize service above all, in order to provide the best experience possible. We value and serve all members of our community, from learners to superintendents.

We don’t have all the answers.

We have ideas. We know what has worked well for others. We understand that education is localized— what works well in one place may not work in others. That's why we value practitioners, and we love learning alongside them.

Meet our team
Will Reppun Portrait
Will Reppun
Co-founder, CEO
Will is a Native Hawaiian, full-stack CEO, touching everything from the backend server to branding. That breadth and depth traces back through a diversity in career, culture, and education.
Fred Delse Portrait
Fred Delse
Co-founder, COO
Fred is a connector and a facilitator. His extensive tech and business experience drives both big-picture awareness and detail oriented success.
Aaron Schorn Portrait
Aaron Schorn
Head of Growth and Community
Aaron is a craftsman and a storyteller. He is an educator and entrepreneur who co-designs learning programs centered in youth agency, authenticity, and storytelling.
  • Fell in love with Unrulr as the K12 Capstone Coordinator at Hawaiʻi Preparatory Academy (HPA)
  • Wields Unrulr as a catalyst for innovation and greater learner agency in education
  • Finds joy and purpose in nature
Jackson Solomon Portrait
Jack Solomon
Director of Marketing
Jack sits at the intersection of design and marketing, with a background in content creation and human-centered design.
  • Loves discovering & applying emerging technologies.
  • Embodies the growth mindset by pushing himself to continuously gain new skills.
  • A very okay-ish surfer and adept traveler.