School Case Study

The coolest middle school percussion class you’ve ever seen

Niu Valley Middle School
Honolulu, HI Public School, Grades 6-8
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“The reflection piece is always one of the most challenging parts for students”

Zachary Morita is a music educator at Niu Valley Middle School. He wanted students to effectively reflect on their progress.


To address the challenge, Zachary implemented Unrulr by:

  • Asking learners to post 15-60 second video recordings from their practice sessions.
  • Using prompts to solicit weekly reflections from learners about challenges and big wins.
  • Commenting on learners’ posts and/or following up with students in person to give personalized feedback on both musical skills and reflection quality.
  • Holding dedicated time in class for students to give authentic peer feedback through comments and assessing students on their engagement.

Some of Zach's prompts

“I cannot see us having a learner centered classroom without Unrulr”


The implementation of Unrulr led to transformative outcomes for Zach, including:

  • Improved visibility for Zach, allowing for targeted guidance and support.
  • A series of videos showing the amazing progress of students’ musical skills!
  • Tangible evidence of students’ improvements in awareness of how they are learning.

The outcomes for Zach’s students were:

  • An increased ability to reflect on their learning experiences.
  • Authentic, student-centered documentation of progress and practice strategies.
  • A culture of authentic peer feedback and commenting.

“The documentation part with Unrulr lends itself well to ensuring that students are always reflecting and striving for something better for themselves”

Unrulr empowered student learning at Niu Valley Middle School by providing a user-friendly platform for reflection and progress tracking. Through documenting in Unrulr, students developed a deeper understanding of their learning process, while Zach gained valuable insights to guide and support their growth. Unrulr helped transform Zach’s music classroom into a learner-centered environment, fostering authentic reflection and continuous improvement.