Bringing Joy and Unity to Learning

Aaron Schorn
September 22, 2021

I was meant to do this work, to join Unrulr. I spent the first seven years of my life in Lesotho. After Lesotho my family moved regularly; I was enrolled in 12 different schools before University. I was and am a third culture kid, constantly making new friends and being dropped into new communities. I was raised by storytellers and craftsmen, and I married into Hawai’i, falling in love with a Mililani girl who went to High School as a boarding student at Hawaii Preparatory Academy (HPA) in Waimea.

Life can be circular, and we spent eight years at the very same school she once attended. In Waimea, I found my calling as an educator and as an entrepreneur. Life has led me to Unrulr.

Workshop with the Nalukai cohort

My work at both HPA and Nalukai has been centered around co-creating programs rooted in youth agency and authenticity. I used Unrulr for two years as the K-12 Capstone Coordinator at HPA; it was the single most important learning tool I have come across. Unrulr fostered a culture of accountability, equity, collaboration, and storytelling amongst our students, faculty, and administrators.  It allowed us to have a successful and moving Capstone Showcase each May. It brought trust and visibility to our learning, and allowed us to better live our culture.

To sum up the experience: it was joyful and unifying. I am grateful and overjoyed to grow and develop Unrulr and I am excited to help transform learning communities to make them more joyous and rooted in their learners' capacities, skills, experiences, lineage, passions, and personalities. My name is Aaron Jamal Schorn and I am the Head of Growth and Community at Unrulr. 

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