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When process triumphs over product

Menlo School
Private School, Grades 6-12
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“I’ve tried countless ways to get my students to show their process. None of them really stuck…”

Marc Allard wanted to find a better way to encourage his design and architecture students to document their learning process. He believed that documenting the process of their work was just as important as the final product, but found it challenging to get his students to do so effectively.


To solve this problem, Marc used Unrulr to:

  • ask his students to post 3x per week
  • document their process, progress, and outcomes
  • tag each post with COGS representing the design stages

This allowed students to build evidence of their understanding of each step, as well as providing a way for Marc to review their progress and offer timely feedback and coaching.

Marc’s Design Process COGS


Through his implementation of Unrulr, Marc was able to:

  • review his students' progress in a more convenient and efficient way
  • offer feedback and coaching in a timely manner
  • gain insight on his students’ learning process

Marc’s students were able to:

  • become more engaged in documenting their learning process
  • create a visual learning journey at the end of each project
  • reflect on their learning and growth

Overall, Unrulr helped Marc to achieve his goal of encouraging his students to document their learning process effectively and helped his students to become more intentional about their learning and growth.

A Curated Journey of a Student Project