Make growth visible
Create a new community
Join or manage your communities
Define the goals important to your community
21st Century Skills?  Design Thinking? Track the skills that are the focus of your learning community
Connect those goals to concrete evidence of learning
Is it easiest to demonstrate creativity through a video?  A picture? A slideshow?  It depends! Let learners document snapshots of progress in a way that makes sense.
Draw on your community for feedback and support
Your community, no matter how big or small, is a resource. Help learners to both seek and offer feedback, not only on finished products, but also when it can be most helpful -- on the intermediate steps along the way.
Go where the learning is
Planting a quarantine garden? Organizing an old record collection? Learning happens everywhen and everywhere. Give credit for learning where credit is due.
How it works
Capture learning
Whenever and wherever it happens.
Capture images, videos, and documents displaying evidence of learning and ability.
Construct posts around learning goals specific to your community.
Utilize an easy-to-use mobile app, both inside and outside of the classroom.
Engage with purpose
In a safe and positive community.
Share, reflect, discuss and assess posts in a private learning environment.
Refine skills and abilities with community input.
Build knowing relationships with peers and teachers in the context of learning.
Grow and show skills
Relevant for the 21st century.
Develop and share a process portfolio containing authentic evidence of learning.
Channel moments of learning towards long term growth and development.
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Learn how teachers use Unrulr
An Interview with Kas Pereira, Makerspace Director
Kas Pereria shares her insights on the importance of a peer community in her project-based learning makerspace.
Relationships Lead to Learning
Freddie Veres believes teaching begins with human connection. Learn how he builds community and trust with his students as he supports them in their passion projects.
The Design and Architecture class at Menlo School
Marc Allard is passionate about the importance of process in learning design. Read about how he integrates it into his curriculum.
Hear from our users

I care about process; it’s super important. And Unrulr is one of the only ways, if I think about it, to get evidence of process. Even if we’re not dealing with COVID, this is good for process.

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I can see other students’ creativity, them expressing themselves. It puts a smile on my face, and it gives me motivation. If I didn’t have Unrulr, I wouldn’t know what others are doing. I like interacting with them, and it makes people more committed to their work.

Everyone is doing such a great job! The way they play their instruments are amazing, excellent, and fantastic. I love working with others because it gives me an opportunity to see what they think, and Unrulr is the perfect app to help with that.

Having this app brought a sense of community and connection to the process, and it inspired everyone to do their best. The quality of work that we have seen from this group far exceeds any other cohort that we have worked with, and I think that Unrulr had a big hand in that.

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