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Set goals.

Students connect their learning at their internship with their learning inside the classroom through explicit goals-- from the broad, like 21st Century Skills, to the specific like probability analysis.

Show, don't tell.

Students take pictures and video of the work they do at their internship, tag them with the appropriate goals, and share their moments of growth in a safe community.

Learn with the community.

Interns view each other's work and get inspiration from their peers. They also give and receive feedback from their mentors and other students.

Create a story of growth.

Students build a story of their learning journey using their collected evidence. They can then publish their story to schools or employers.

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See Unrulr in action


other learners with feedback and encouragement.


images, videos, and documents.


an individual story of learning and ability, backed by authentic evidence.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Unrulr is the bridge we had been searching for, connecting hands-on learning in internships to student learning plans and projects at school.

It has helped validate the great work my students are doing and documents the depth of learning that is actually happening.

Isaak Egge

Confluence High

We’ve tried other tools to get students to document what’s going on at their internship, but they’ve just never been as engaged in the activity as they are with Unrulr.

I believe that Unrulr speaks their language in an intuitive interface that they are used to. Allowing their classmates to comment on what they are doing individually allows it to be more of a collaborative experience.

Kaylee Razo

Kamehameha Schools

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